Top Trail  FAQ

Please email your questions and we will get them answered and posted to this page.

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There is a wealth of information to be mined from the Top Trail Facebook Group Files Section. If you don't see an answer there, ask the question via email or see below:

How are Top Trail Challenge Divisions Determined?

Top Trail Horse Divisions will be calculated based on the average miles logged for the previous 3 months... Top Trail Rider Divisions will be calculated based on the previous quarter.

Divisions will be re-calibrated annually based on previous year's data.

What are the Division Mileage Qualifications?

Top Trail Rider:
Division 1 top 10% mileage 
Division 2 11 to 50%
Division 3 49% and below

Top Trail Rider Mileage Challenge is three divisions of competition. The divisions are based on the previous three months average mileage to qualify for a division. 

Top Trail Horse:
Division 1 top 10% mileage 
Division 2 11 to 50%
Division 3 49% and below

Top Trail Horse Mileage Challenge is also three divisions of competition and they are based on the previous three months average mileage to qualify for a division.

Top Trail Horse divisions are calculated every month and Top Trail Rider divisions are calculated every quarter.

Are there divisions for both Top Trail Rider or Top Trail Horse, or both?

Both - Top Trail Horse Divisions are updated every month and Top Trail Rider is updated every quarter.

Is there a size limit on pictures that are uploaded to my account?

Yes, 2MB

How do I delete a trail?

From the map version of the trail there is a drop down menu (see the three blue bars on the upper right hand portion of the screen) where you will find the "delete" option.

I get an error message when I try to upload my .GPX file and it will not go through.
For now you can email the .GPX file to us and we will troubleshoot for you. Sometimes this will happen if the GPS was turned off or paused at some point during the ride and then started again, resulting in a straight line from the point where it was turn off to the point where the track was picked up again. Email to toptrailhorse@gmail.com

I am riding with a group. Can we all use the same track to upload to our own profiles for mileage?
A trail can only be uploaded one time. Everyone must use their own GPS app or device and upload their own trail. 

If someone is in my "posse" does that mean their miles count towards mine (for Top Rider)? Do my miles count toward theirs? What does it mean? Why would someone want to put together a posse?
Your Posse does not effect Top Trail miles or challenges. Posses are intended to create a list of friends that you may ride with on a frequent basses.

I assume the other Posse Members also must be Top Trail members. Do they have to be Premium (or whatever is the highest level)?
If you have a 'Platinum' membership and you need to assign a rider to one of your horses you can only do it from your posse list. Riders can be assigned from the horse's Trail Log. Note the posse member does not have to be a premium member for the assignment

When someone adds me as a Posse member, do they show up in my Posse? How do I know if I added them or they added me?
Members can freely add posse members, when a member adds another member to their posse the member will show up under your posse list. For example if you add a member he/she will show up under "My Posse" and you will show up under their list as well. Note you can remove posse members (permanently) from your list. In the future will we add more functionality such as 'Accept/Deny' Requests.

What is the future of the Posse feature?
Currently your posse list is of friends that you may ride with on a frequent basses or may want to follow someone's journeys. We plan in the future to provide 'Status Updates' for your posse so you can keep up to date on where your friends are ridding. We are also developing "Posse Challenges" where you and your posse members can compete with other posses.