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Cutting Edge Performance

Dedicated to offering the absolute best in quality nutraceuticals, livestock feed additives and dietary supplements. We are committed to providing products that will maximize both health and performance in you and your animals. Our remarkable joint care products and livestock probiotic feed additive are supported by research, science, independent clinical studies and patents.

Top Trail 2018 Sponsors

TOP TRAIL promotes recreational and competitive horseback trail riding which in turn creates a need for products and services for equestrians—Show Top Trail members you support their activity with your Sponsorship!

Cutting Edge

Transwest Lifetime Mileage Program for Top Trail

Transwest Truck Trailer RV

Transwest, the “Official Horse Trailer Source of Top Trail," considers you a client as well as a friend and we value that relationship. Our vision is to provide a premium quality experience each time we are granted an opportunity, and keep you coming back for all your transportation needs.

Dedicated to offering the absolute best in quality nutraceuticals, livestock feed additives and dietary supplements.

​Robin Ridge Ranch

Lifestyle & performance apparel and gear for equestrians. Featuring high performance Altera Alpaca socks and coming soon: Scoot Boots from Australia.


​EQyss Grooming Products

Founded in 1991, EQyss Grooming Products manufactures Premium quality grooming products using Scientifically Superior ingredients, formulations, and manufacturing processes. Our brands include Micro-Tek®, Premier, Mega-Tek®, Flea-Bite®, and Avocado Mist®. Our commitment to Clean Technology includes using solar energy, purified water, and the highest manufacturing standards. Made in the USA and 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

February, July, and November
​The Hay Pillow

Hay Pillow Inc.; Innovative Slow Feed Solutions. Offering slow feed hay bags in your choice of 5 mesh sizes for use on the ground and hanging, perfect for home and travel. Tip: Never exercise your horse with an empty stomach… ever; acid splashing in the stomach is uncomfortable and may induce ulcers. Enjoy our article; Slow Feed Savvy 

​​April, July, and October
​Hawthorne Products

Hawthorne Products award-winning horse care medications have won several awards due to their excellent performance. We provide our customers the best natural equine medications possible.

Lifestyle and Performance Apparel for Equestrians

​​June and August 
Draper Therapies

​Draper Therapies produces high quality canine, equine, and body products containing Celliant®, a fiber proven to help increase circulation. All our products are proudly made in the USA.

Transwest Lifetime Mileage Program for Top Trail

Logan Coach Trailers

The newest line of Logan Coach horse trailers is better than ever—featuring cleaner lines, smarter styling, a stronger frame and more standard features than any horse trailer around…all for less.

And, at Logan Coach, SIZE DOES MATTER, with longer horse stalls for more comfortable travel.
You owe it to yourself to come and see everything Logan Coach has to offer. Logan Coach is the "Official Horse Trailer of Top Trail."

Top Trail Rider

SpeckTACKular Tack

Upload your trail every time you ride in 2018 and you’re in the running to win a SpecTACKular Classic prize voucher for $75. Beautiful and functional—SpecTACKular’s very own unique product patterns are made for trail  riding by trail riders. Each pattern considers your horse’s comfort and rider  function; and then combines these improved designs with the highest quality materials (BioThane with stainless steel hardware). The result is gorgeous, trail proven Horse Tack with a Lifetime Warranty