About Open Trail

The history of horseback riding is integral to our history, 

Open Trail's goal is to provide the largest repository of horse

trails in the U.S. — and arm organizations that maintain and

advocate for horse trails with essential data to fight for our

National Treasures... The Open Trail.​ "Open Trail" was developed by JR Hull because no other trail site had a way to create interactive trail maps of our favorite riding trails, and most importantly, a way to share them with other riders! 

The purpose of Top Trail was to bring recognition to the amazing trail horse. Trail horses come in all breeds, shapes, sizes, and colors. One thing they have in common is the  accumulation of miles on the trail. Top Trail is the place that captures those miles, automatically adds them up for your horse (and you!), displays a map of your ride, and then ranks you among horses and riders from all across the U.S amongst a host of other great features. So, whether you're riding the trails for pleasure, conditioning, or competition—if you're passionate about trail riding we invite you to log your trails with us!

Team Top Trail
Troy Lynn Norris
​Managing Partner, Top Trail
J. R. Hull, Founder
Open Trail




Top Trail is Challenges and Lifetime Mileage

This great program started with spreadsheets on social media! What we used to do manually, we now let the program calculate. 

There is incredible value in logging your trails. Get a wonderful sense of accomplishment when you look back on your year and realize how many miles you and your favorite trail horse(s) have explored together. And then set goals for your future. 

Top Trail hosts monthly challenges and quarterly challenges with the top horses and riders in their divisions earning sponsor awards at the conclusion of each period. General rules for Top Trail Challenges can be found on the Challenges page and specific rules and information can be found on the following pages: Premium Member Challenge, Top Trail Rider, and Top Trail Horse.

Your uploaded trails can be shared with others or kept private. It’s up to you.

Ride a lot, or ride a little, it doesn’t matter—what is important is that you’re tracking the miles on trail for both you and your horse while contributing to the repository of trails on the Open Trail website.