Top Trail Ambassadors
Effective June 1st, Top Trail Ambassadors will available to mentor any trail rider who would like to start recording and uploading their trails or those who are already active but require assistance. They will also help foster the continued development of our community centered around advocating and preserving equestrian trails, recognizing our amazing trail horses, and emphasizing excellence in horsemanship.

For help with anything Top Trail and/or Open Trail, get in touch with an Ambassador in your region. They know a lot! You can check out their profiles by clicking on names below. 

Pacific Region: Jennifer Jacobson

Pacific Region: Shayna Smith

Pacific Region: Jen Arnautu
Mountain Region: Robin Morris

North West Central Region: John Zeliff
North West Central Region: Adrienne Willett

North West Central Region: Karri Koelling

South West Central Region: Cindy Fonken

South West Central Region: Marsha Brewster

South East Central Region: Sam Gerhardt

Mid-Atlantic Region: Jennifer Rickman​

North East Central Region: Jennifer Peterson​

If you would like to become a Top Trail Ambassador, please contact us today.

Open Trail Members Map