EasyTrail(iPhone & Android app)
Detailed tutorial here

Endomondo (iPhone & Android app)
How to export GPX from Endomondo​​

Uploading your Trail
​(.GPX File)

After you have recorded your trail recorded and saved it (.GPX file) to your computer follow these steps to get credit for those miles: 

1. Log in to your Open Trail member account

2. Select "Upload Trail" via the pull down menu at the top right of your page (3 blue bars) or your "Trail Log"

3. "Select a GPX Trail File" this is the .GPX file generated by your GPS app or device. 

4. Complete the description and rate the trail difficulty.


6.  Assign the appropriate accessibility of the trail. Your "private" designated trails will be included in your mileage but the trails will not be visible to anyone but you.

7. Click "Upload" and you're done!​




Using a Garmin Device?

GPS Apps

Here are several apps being used on the trail by Top Trail Riders. Click the name of the app for more information and then below the name for that app's specific export GPX instructions. This is not an exhaustive or preferred list. If your app or device is not listed, please contribute to the knowledge base by submitting to us via email.