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The American Paso Fino horse is quickly becoming the choice of riders who want to enjoy hours of comfort in the saddle. The Paso Fino’s incredible stamina, willing disposition, versatility and natural smooth 4-beat gait makes the American Paso Fino the ultimate trail horse.

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The American Paso Fino Horse Association (APFHA) is excited to announce our partnership with Top Trail in implementing a trail program to recognize and reward the original and currently fastest growing sector of our breed, our trail horses and riders. The APFHA Trail Program is called “Miles of Smiles.” This name comes from the immediate reaction (smiles) that newcomers and veteran Paso Fino riders alike share as soon as the graceful and exciting gait comes to life underneath the rider, and for the miles and miles of trails discovered on the backs of our Paso Fino horses. The Top Trail Program compliments The American Paso Fino Horse Association and adds a unique opportunity for our members to work towards titles and awards while showcasing our breed on the trail. Both, Miles of Smiles and Top Trail recognize horses and riders based on verifiable miles ridden. Trail miles are recorded, uploaded and verified using a GPS device or smart phone app.

The American Paso Fino Horse Association’s Miles of Smiles/Top Trail Program will officially launch October 1, 2016. APFHA and Top Trail current members, riding APFHA registered horses can sign up to compete in this last quarter of 2016 Top Trail challenges while learning the ins and outs of the program and how to navigate the system. No exclusive annual APFHA awards will be awarded during this time, however, members will begin accumulating horse and rider miles towards lifetime achievement titles with APFHA.

Beginning January 1, 2017, APFHA members and horses will start riding for annual horse and rider high mileage awards while continuing to add miles to horse and rider lifetime achievement titles. APFHA members will be able to login to the trail program website page and check the APFHA trail program members rankings. The Miles of Smiles Trail Program will run each year from January 1st through December 31st. APFHA members and horses are also eligible to compete in the national Top Trail Challenges offered by Top Trail, independent of APFHA awards. Essentially, horses and riders double their chances of awards by being involved in the Miles of Smiles/Top Trail partnership.

The APFHA would like to welcome Affordable Equine Suppliers as the official sponsor of the 2017 Annual High Mileage Horses. Javier Triana, owner of AES, has been supplying Paso Fino owners with quality tack and supplies since 2013. Javier and his family have been involved with the Paso Fino horse for 85 years. He also works with helping animals in need in Columbia and the U.S. “Affordable Equine Suppliers is honoured to be a sponsor of the APFHA Miles of Smiles Trail Program,” states Javier Triana. “We wish to help showcase the versatility of the Paso Fino breed by promoting and rewarding its abilities on the trail.”


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