Beginning 2017, participants will need to maintain an annual Top Trail membership of at least Silver ($15) or higher. More information on Top Trail membership is available at Premium Top Trail.

Need help enrolling in the program? See the Breed Association Enrollment page.

Still need help? Have questions? Send us an email.

Top Trail recognizes participating riders and horses quarterly, monthly, and annually with Top Trail honors. Through the partnership established between MFTHBA and Top Trail, MFTHBA members and registered Missouri Fox Trotters will be eligible for additional recognition.

“The MFTHBA will provide special awards for the top five Missouri Fox Trotting Horses,” shared MFTHBA Region 4 Director, Amber Wilson. “We will also provide an additional award for the top mileage horse that is also enrolled in our Fox Trot America Program.” 

To be eligible for the special awards, the Missouri Fox Trotting Horse’s registration number must be provided when registering the horse for the Top Trail program. Top Trail has established a special registration page (www.opentrail.us/fox-trot-america/join) to facilitate capturing horse registration information. To receive awards, the horse’s owner of record on file with the MFTHBA must also be a current MFTHBA member.

Effective immediately, participants will be able to track their progress by viewing a special leaderboard (www.opentrail.us/fox-trot-america/ranking) which will rank Top Trail registered Missouri Fox Trotting Horse participants.

In 2016, Top Trail membership level for MFTHBA participants will be optional. Top Trail membership packages range from Bronze, which is free—to Platinum, only $35 annually.