Monthly Challenge: 

Top Trail Horse

Every month we begin a new mileage challenge. The top three horses in their respective divisions with the most miles earn sponsor awards at the conclusion of each month. Our sponsors and awards vary from month to month. 

Top Trail Horses are separated by three divisions of competition. The divisions are based on the average miles ridden, recorded, and uploaded in the previous three months. Each division will have one winner at the conclusion of each month. The divisions are determined as follows: 

  • Division 1: Top 90 percentile
  • Division 2: Top 50 percentile
  • Division 3: Bottom 50 percentile

Top Trail Horse divisions are re-calculated every month so it's possible to be rated for a different division from month to month, depending on how many miles were ridden, recorded, and uploaded previously.

For more information regarding Top Trail Divisions, read our FAQs.

At the conclusion of each month, one Top Trail Horse in each division with the most miles will receive sponsor awards. NOTE: Out of respect for our sponsors Top Trail Division winners will have 30 days from the date of notification (via email) to redeem your sponsor award.

IMPORTANT: Silver Premium members of Top Trail are allowed one horse each month for the purpose of this competition. You may ride more than one horse and upload a trail to those horses but only one horse's miles will count toward the challenge. 

Gold members are allowed up to three horses each month for this challenge. You may ride and upload trails for more than 3 horses during each month but only three horse's miles will count toward the challenge. Platinum members horses may all be Top Trail Horses.

Challenge time begins the first day of every month at 12:00 am CST and ends the last day of every month at 11:59 pm CST. 

Top Trail Horses are limited to one sponsor award from the same sponsor each calendar year. The Top Trail Horse with the most verified miles each month is the “official” winner, but in the event the “official” winner has already received an award from a multiple month sponsor during the calendar year, the awards will be given to the next highest mileage horse (2nd place) in their division.

Top Trail Horse 2017 Sponsors