Ambassador Cindy Fonken — SW Central Region

Member Since: 2015
I saw an interesting ad for Top Trail on Facebook and I signed up for Open Trail after I saw it in either Trail Blazer or Trail Rider? Can't remember, but I have a password written down for it- Lol! 
I could never get my GPS to upload my miles on Top Trail but then I met Troy Lynn at the MFTHBA Celebration and she helped me understand how easy it really is to use my smartphone to log and record my trail rides! Wow!
And that is why I am an Ambassador for Top Trail! Riders have told me they want to track their miles and see their route on a map, but everything is too complicated but in reality it is so easy!

I enjoy helping people, so I enjoy showing fellow trail riders how easy it is and you can even find trails in other areas and even states—so cool!
I own and ride 4 registered Missouri Foxtrotter geldings and love to explore new places and trails. My 27 year old DJ (Smokey Joe's Diamond Jim), has been retired so Kate's 007 has been the one to load up and go lately! We enjoy many different places to ride. Last year we went to the AHA Beach Ride at Myrtle Beach—what an amazing experience!

Seven will be in the Hall of Fame after he won 2016 Trail Horse of the Year—the first ever awarded—at the MFTHBA Spring Show in June of this year because he was in Top Trail & Foxtrot America! Happy Trails! Get in touch with Cindy via email.