3. Touch the "Name" line & using the keypad you can rename your track then touch "Save"

5. Touch the “send” symbol at the top of the screen to begin export (next to the name of the track)

1. Open EasyTrails and touch the red dot in the top right when you have a GPS signal. The Red Dot will change to a Gray Square—indicating you are recording your track. 

2. At the conclusion of the ride, touch the Gray Square button (top right) to stop recording. This will "Save" your track.

6. Select “Export”

7. Touch "Export to OpenTrail.us"

Now go to www.OpenTrail.us and on your Trail Log, designate which horse your rode so your horse will also get credit for the mileage.



8. The first time you export you will type in your Open Trail login information. After the first time, your logon information will be stored in the app. Designate the following prompts:

-Map Shared with (Only Me / Me and my friends / Public)

-Trail Difficulty Rating (Easy / Moderate / Difficult)

-Trail is Publicly Accessible (if yes, check it)

Touch "Upload"

9. Success!
If you're participating in the Top Trail mileage program, you must log in to your Top Trail member account and designate your horse on your "Trail Log" as soon as possible.

4. Touch the paw symbol at the bottom of the screen then touch the track you want to upload to your Open Trail account

How to use EasyTrails for iPhone with your Top Trail account: