High Mileage Horses and Riders

Top Trail is more than monthly and quarterly challenges—it's also lifetime mileage program dedicated to our loyal, hard working trail horses and our journey with them. This page is dedicated the very special Top Trail Horses and Top Trail Riders who have logged impressive mileage on Open Trail in the mileage program. Hope to see your name and picture here soon!

4000+ Miles

Annie Githens & D'Amber Dream

Robin Morris & Beau

Belinda Schuman & Diamond

3000+ Miles
​​Carolyn W. Attaway & Jefferson

Maggie Bradshaw

Jennifer Jacobson

​​Valerie Jaques​

Wendy Minnick

2000+ Miles

Jen Arnautu & Kiche 

Deirdre Perot

Doreen Lopez & Red Stormm

Dusty (Wendy Minnick)

D'Anna Miller
Audrey Morris & Artsy

Monicka Remboldt 

Janet Tipton & Lady Jasmine (Ladybug)
Robyn Thomson & Bailey

Kathleen Waymire

1000+ Miles
Jen Arnautu & Kiche
Blaze (Maggie Bradshaw)
Boomer (Deirdre Perot)

Bracken County Cash
   (Maggie Bradshaw)

Shannon Chastain
​    & CR AD Hailys Return

Beth Colla & Stella

Deanne Del Vecchio & Half a Bandit

LeeAnne Einsel & RH Jakkir Ahnass

Kimberly Ellis

Jenn Ess & Summer's Wildfire

Karen J. Faulkenberry
Cindy Fonken & Kate's 007

Lee Fonken & ​Eagles Rockin' Granite

Julie Galetar

Cindy Gift

Ruth Hall & Lady Goldwood King

Janet Hatch
Honey (Deirdre Perot Lightsey)
Rebbecca Hoover & Rico Chico

Jasmine AP (Monicka Remboldt)

Rhonda Levinson

Kevin Link

Melissa Martinez

Maverick (D'Anna Miller)

Laura McCartney

Lisa Moorhouse

Troy Lynn Norris & Leonardo
NRR Team 91 Hoss (Valerie Jaques)

Peggy (Jennifer Jacobson)

Cindi Rothrock & Color Me Miss Indy

Samantha Szesciorka & Sage

Christine Shenefield

Linda Shields

Helen Smith & Jessie

Christine Vigue

Calvin Voogt

WeeLO & Blue Moon Rising

John Zeliff & Johnny Whoa Jo

Current as of 11/12/17