Top Trail Program Benefits

  • New! Breed Associations and Trail Groups can now have their own Trail Riding Mileage Programs/Challenges through Top Trail! See MFTHBA's Fox Trot group and MOTDRA's CTR group for example.
  • Transwest Lifetime Mileage Program: Horses and Riders grow their Lifetime Mileage totals and earn mileage patches along the way thanks to our partners: Transwest and Logan Coach.
  • Top Trail Horse and Top Trail Rider Challenges: No individual ride or competition entry fees, however, you must be a premium member to be eligible for Top Trail sponsored challenges and leaderboards.
  • Use any GPS device or smartphone app capable of exporting .GPX file
    Ride any trail (private or public).
  • Challenges are virtual. Compete with riders all over the U.S.​
  • Upload and share your trail photos.
  • Build your own network (Posse) with other Top Trail members.
  • Document your trail horse's history​​: Keep all your trails in one place.
  • ​Share your trails on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.
  • Search for trails all over the United States​.
  • ​Contribute your trail usage to the largest repository of equestrian trails online​​​. One of the ways that Open Trail is able to help preserve & create equestrian access is by being able to deliver data to land managers about current equestrian use, mileage, etc. so your participation is critical!